We create websites and mobile apps.

Full stack. Everything.


Mobile apps

You feel your business needs a mobile app to expand, but don’t know how to make one?
We can help. We specialize in creating mobile applications that are made from scratch based on our customer’s needs – but we have no problem helping with existing ones.



Having problem with the backend of your web application? Need RESTful services for future mobile development? No problem.
We can handle it. We create backends in various technologies, including most fancy stuff like NodeJS or Python Flask.



Having a modern looking website is a key to achieving success with your business. With us, this can easily be done, from the graphic and UX design to coding and deployment.
We handle cool websites on a daily basis – like this one you’re reading right now.

How we work?

We are a software house that is built by a team of passionate people. On everyday basis we work with customers from different countries – Sweden, Denmark, USA, the Netherlands and Poland.

Software that we create strongly emphasizes quality. During development lifecycle we use different ways of making it better: unit tests coverage for newly created features, continous integration system that checks for regressions and everyday code review to make sure that created code is written in an optimal way.


First one is a classic fixed price approach, where based on specification from you and based on that we estimate solution’s cost.

The technical design document is created, so you know how we will approach your problem.

You don’t have to think of technical aspects of the project, we will handle it all, from project phase to deployment.

Other way of cooperation is Time and Material based approach.

Here our people become a part of your IT team, working closely together in making your product better.

Task assignment and project management is done by your people.

We are fully transparent – you see what is being done at the moment.

This is especially useful if you want to expand your existing product, but have no resources to do so.

We know various technologies.


We are familiar with all the fancy new frameworks and technologies related to web frontends, as well as all the leading backend languages and environments, including database solutions.

Depending on your needs, we can create anything from a WordPress-powered webpage to a complex single page app.

We develop mobile applications both as native iOS/Android solutions and as Xamarin projects that target both systems.

Let’s Talk

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